New Automotive & Truck Parts Liquidation

Saturday January 27th  @ 10:00 AM, Preview starts @ 8:00 AM

We have been commissioned to liquidate a warehouse of NEW  Automotive and Truck Parts.

* For a complete inventory list with parts numbers, please email

Pump Parts, Water Pumps, Shock Absorbers, Hoses, Pumps, Boosters, Power Steering Parts, Steering Gear Parts, Disc RR Parts,
Mounting Parts, Engine Mounting, Release Forks, Arm Part, Wire Sets, Brake Shoes, Tie Rods, Bushes, Ignition Wires, Gaskets,
Carburetors, Conversion Sets, Struts, Ball Joints, Tie Rod, Carburetor Kits, Links, Rods, Bushes, Bolts, Links Mounting, Compressors,
Pump Assy, Kits, Yokes, Motor Drivers,  Disc Pad, Water Pumps, Brake Shoes, Kits, FR Brake Pads, Guard Assy Heater Valves, Clutches,
Balancers, Pulley Assy, Sleeves, Grills, Brake Hoses, Valves,Master Cycles, Fuel Pumps, Boots, Ball Joints, Master Cycles, Idlers Arms,
Coil Springs, Boots, Arms, Brake Hoses, Caliper Kits, Window Reg, Light Halogen, Mirrors, Moulding, Fillers, Signal Lamps, Cylinders,
Clutch Slaves, Caliper, Nuts, Cylinder Kits, Caliper Pistons, Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Hold Down Kits, Guide Pins, Auto Adjust Kits, Disc.
Allign Kits, Hand Brake Springs, Wheel Cylinders, Door Fuel Tank Kits, Power Heads, Power Steering Hoses, Pressure Hoses, Bezels,
Power Heads, Metallic Pads, Water Outlets, Heater Valves, Tie Rods, Pressure Hoses, Wheel Nuts, Studs, Suspension Parts, Bumpers,
Clutch Release Bearing, Distributor Caps, Trans Mounting, Sturt Mounting, Motor Mounts, Insulators, Idler & Pitman, P S Hoses,
Clutch Cables, Clutch Plates, Capsules, Cooler Assy, Suspension Parts, Sensors, Flywheels, Clutch Covers, Throtle Sensors,
Oxygen Sensors, Map Sensors, Valve Lift, Washers, Roller Assy, RBR Bushing, Insulators Racks, Fuel Pumps, Sprags,
HYD Valve Lifts, Crankshaft Sensors, Piston Rings, Temp Switches, Expansion Plugs, Rocker Arms, Lifters, Valve Seals, Timing Belts,
Heater Valves, Blower Motors, Alternators, Super Lift, Shock Absorbers, Power Steering Hoses, Cooling Motors, Door Motors,
Fan Motors, Ignition Cables, Fuel Pumps, Oxygen Sensors, Wiper Blades, Tail Lamps, Head Lamps,Fog Lamps, Belts, Carburetor Kits,
Main Bearings, Engine Bearings, Power Steering Pumps, Power Steering Hoses, Piston Rings, Connecting Rods, Engine Bearings,
Timing Chains, Timing Components, Brake Rotors, Suspension Parts, Strut Mounts, Retainer Kits, Fuel Filters, Air Filters, Fenders,
Brake Rotors, Water Pumps, Shock Absorber, Sealed Beams, Ring Pistons, Rack & Pinion, Radiators, Converters, Motor Cooling,
Fuel Pumps, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Radiator Fan Motors, Voltage Regulators, Hydraulic Lifters, Spark Plugs, Master Cycle Kits and more.

Payments: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards
Free Bidder Registration, must be 18 years or older with a photo ID.

Have a question regarding this auction, please contact us.
Begins: 1/27/18 at 10:00 AM
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4911 S. 50th Street, Tampa FL 33619