Audio Visual Equipment Liquidation

Saturday August 25th @ 10:00 AM, Preview 8:00 AM and Friday August 24th @ 9:00 - 5:00 PM

We have been commissioned to liquidate Audio Visual Equipment.

(9) Dalite 5' Black Carpeted Tripod Screen
Limitimer Audience Signal Light TImer
Proco 150' 8x4 Microphone Snake
Dell 20" LCD Computer Monitor 2009W
Flying Pig Systems HOG II Playback Wing
(2) Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Complete Screen Right Leg
(2) Dalite 11'6"x15' Truss Dress Kit Black Right Panel
(4) Dalite 7'x12' Deluxe Complete Screen Leg
(2) Dalite 7'x12' Deluxe MW Screen Surface
Dalite 87287 10'x17' Truss Complete Screen Left Leg
Dalite 87287 10'x17' Truss Complete Screen Right Leg
(2) Dalite 87335C 10'x17' Dress Kit Black w/ 6' Skirt & Drape Left Panel
(2) Dalite 87335C 10'x17' Dress Kit Black w/ 6' Skirt & Drape Panel
(2) Dalite 87335C 10'x17' Dress Kit Black w/ 6' Skirt & Drape Skirt
(6) Ultimate TS80B Speaker Stand
Olympic 3sp Case for Analog Way Opus300
(8) Altman 154 14" Scoop
(2) Dalite 87287 10'x17' Truss Complete Screen Frame
(4) Dalite 6' Black Carpeted Tripod Screen
(2) Dalite 89035 HD Screen Leg in Black
(5) Screenworks Paperstand Flipchart Stand
Samsung 710N 17" Flat Monitor
(2) Dalite Replacement Frame for Deluxe 9x12 Screen
(29) ETC Source Four 575W Elipsoidal Light Housing
(5) Mackie 1402 VLZ III Pro 6Ch Mixer
(14) Color Kinetics Colorblast 12 LED Instrument
Ashly GQX 3101 31 Band Mono Equalizer
Chief PF 12000B Monitor Stand w/ Base
Chief PFS2172 Flat Base Monitor Stand
Dalite 7'x12' Deluxe Screen Frame
Shure UA845 UHF Antenna Distribution System
Rane AD22B Digital Delay
(4) Leprecon ULD360MPXHP 6Ch Dimmer Pack Edison
(2) Scrimmer Performance Dimming Stick 600 Watts
Whirlwind 24x4 200' Microphone Snake
(2) Dalite 9'x12' Fastfold Truss Screen Frame
Dalite DA MAT 34230 Replacement Screen for 9x12 Deluxe
Yamaha SPX90II Mult-Effects Processor
Case - Soundcraft GB8-32 Mixer
Pioneer DVD-V*000 Single DVD Player
(2) Dalite 7'x12' Deluxe Dress Kit Black
(2) Sharp LC60LE650U 60" LCD Monitor
(2) Dalite 87335C 10'x17' Dress Kit Black w/ 6' Skirt & Drape Valance
Yamaha SPX1000 Digital Processor
(3) NEC NP02ZL Wide Angle Lens
(2) Panasonic ETDLE350-3.6-5.4:1 Lens
(2) Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Computers
(4) City Theatrical PDS750 12 Ch Power Supply
JVC 250GB HDD Blu-ray Recorder/Player
(2) Shure UR14D-J5 UHF-R Dual WIreless Receiver
Flying Pig HOG Record Wing
(2) Sony DSC-1024HD Scan Converter/Switcher
(7) Meyer UPA-1P Compact Powered Loudspeaker/RMS
Barco PDS901 Digital Switcher
Ultimate TS-80B Speaker Stand, 80"
(16) Drape Panel, Velour, 13' W x 18' T, Black
(2) Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Kit Black Valance
Dell P2214H LED Monitor 22"
(2) Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Complete Screen Matt White Screen
(2) Dalite 89035C Fast-Fold Deluxe HD Legs (Pair)
ASUS VE248H 24" LED Blacklight LCD Monitor Display
(11) Dalite 93870C 6' Black Carpeted Tripod Screen
ETC Source Four Leko Fixture Body - NEMA 5 -15P Connector
(2) Mackie 1604-VLZ4 Mixer
(3) NEC EA234WMI-BK Monitor 23"
(6) Dalite 93872C 7' Black Carpeted Tripod Screen
Dalite Fast -Fold Truss Custom Skirt Drape 10'x17' (6' High)
DBX iEQ31 Digital Graphic Equalizer;Limiter
(2) Case - Small Executive Screen
Blackmagic Converter SDI Distribution 4K
(4) Blackmagic Heavy Duty HDMI to SDI 4K
(3) Blackmagic Heavy Duty SDI to HDMI 4K
(2) Dalite 87291C 10'x17' Truss Front Surface
LG HDTV 49LX341C Intefrated HDTV LED Monitor
(2) DAC70 Datavideo up/down/cross converter
Sharp PN-Y496 49" Display Monitor
Premier Mont Rolling Monitor Stand
(4) No Name Rigging Fly Cage
Dalite Front 9'x12' Truss Matt
(2) Dell Latatued E6440 Laptop Computers
Dell Latitude 4330 Laptop Computer
Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Complete Screen Frame
Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Dress Kit Black Left Panel
(2) Dalite 11'6" x 15' Truss Dress Kit Black Skirt
Dalite 9' x 12' Deluxe MW Screen Surface
(2) Shure UR2/Beta87 Wireless HH Transmitter
Samsung SBB-DT3 TV Tuner
(3) Chief Custom Confidence Monitor Stand
Soundcraft DPS3 PSU Power Supply
Dalite 7' x 12 Deluxe Rear Screen Surface
D'San Model ASL4ND3 Signal Light
(7) Shure UR2/SM58 Wireless HH Transmitter
Dalite 87287 10'x17' Truss Screen Matt White Surface
Soundcraft GB8/32 Audio Console
(10) Freeman 13'x18' Panel Black Drape
(2) Freeman 13'x6' Control Booth Drape
(4) Freeman 13'x8' Panel Drape Black
(2) Chroma-Q M-LED Par Light
Dalite 41278 Fast-Fold Truss Legs 14' (Pair)
Dalite 11923 DaSnap 58"x104" Custom Frame/Screen
(5) Ashly GQX-3102 Graphic Equalizer
Ramsa ws-sp2a
(4) Panasonic Ramsa WP-1400 Amplifier
Ashly CL50E Compressor/Gate
Crest Audio 9001 Power Amplifier
(2) Panasonic Ramsa WP-9055 Amplifier
(7) Crest Audio CKS 800 Power Amplifier
ADTEC Digital edje Medial Player
(2) Distribution Amplifier, Composite, 1x5
(4) Panasonic Ramsa WS-SP2A Subwoofer Processor
Shure WA404 Antenna Distribution System
(2) Distribution Amplifier, RGB, 1x10
Samsung Servo 4060 Power Amplifier
Turbosound LMS-D6 Digital Loudspeaker Management System
(2) Anchor MPB-4500 Liberty Powered Loudspeaker
Anchor MP-4501 Liberty Non-Powered Loudspeaker
(4) AV Cart, 54"
Symetrix 450 Dual Zone Pritory Mixer
(3) Panasonic Ramsa WP-9220 Amplifier
(3) Manfrotto 501 Camera Tripod Head
Numark AVm02 A/V Mixer
Kramer VP-724XL ProScale Presentation Scaler/Switcher
Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor Limiter
Rane SM26S Mixer/Splitter
Miles Tech MPR-450 Power Amplifier
(4) EAW JF50 Non-Powered Loudspeaker
(8) EAW JF60 Non-Powered Loudspeaker
(10) Turbosound TQ-440 Powered Loudspeaker
(2) Extron IN1508 Scaler/Scan Conv/Switcher
(5) Distribution Amplifier, RGBHV, 1x2
Extron UPS405 Scan Converter SDI In
Crown Com-Tech 200 Power Amplifier
(4) Crest 7001 Power Amplifier
(6) EAW SB600E Non-Powered Subwoofer
(2) Videotek DM-141A Demodulator
(2) Sony ST-92TV TV Tuner
(2) Turbosound Qlight Non-Powered Loudspeaker
(2) Crest 8001 Power Amplifier
(2) CD Player/Recorder
(4) EAW SM500 Non-Powered Stage Monitor Loudspeaker
(2) Ashly MQX-2150 Graphic Equalizer
EAW MX800I Loudspeaker Processor
(2) TV Tuner
(7) JBL MR802 Non-Powered Loudspeaker
Altec 1689A Mixer
Behringer XR2000 Interactive Class-A/Reverb
(2) Klark Teknik DN410 Graphic Equalizer
(2) Yamaha Q2031A Graphic Equalizer
(2) BSS FCS-960 Graphic Equalizer
Ashly XR1001 Crossover
Rane GE14 Graphic Equalizer
(2) Sabine FBX901 Feed Back Exterminator
(3) Turbosound TSW-718 Non-Powered Subwoofer
(2) Roland SRV-330 Digital Reverb Effects Processor
Yamaha D1030 Digital Audio Delay
Chauvet DJ PC-08 Power Panel
Alesis MIDI Verb IV Multi Effects Processor
Yamaha PW3000 Power Supply
Furman Rack Mounter Power Center
(2) Turbosound NUQ-12DP Powered Loudspeakers
EAW JF560E Non-Powered Loudspeaker
(2) EAW JFX560I Non-Powered Loudspeaker
EAW SB330E Non-Powered Subwoofer
(3) Turbosound TQ-435SP Powered Subwoofer
Marshall JCM900 4x12 Guitar Cabinet Amplifier
Marshall 1960AV 280W 4x12" Angled Cabinet Guitar Amplif
Roland JC-120UT Guitar Amplifier
Ampeg SVT-CL Bass Amplifier
EAW SB180 Non-Powered Subwoofer
VHS Player/Recorder
Yamaha M2000/24 Digital Mixing Console
(4) Par Bar 6 Fixture (Bar Only)
(18) Par Fixture, Stage Pin
(20) Par 64 Fixture, Stage Pin, Silver
(2) Martin MAC 300 Moving Head, Wash
(9) Martin MAC 250 Moving Head, Wash
(29) Hight End Systems Studiocolor 575 Fixture
(11) Par Fixture, Source 4 (Edison)
(4) Martin Mini Mac Moving Head
(8) Leko Body, Edison
(22) Par 64 Fixture, Edison
(2) Leko Lens, 50 Degree
ETC Leko Jr, 25-50 Degree Zoom Lens, Edison
Dimmer Rack, 30 Channel Camlock In, Stage Pin

Pickup Times: Saturday until 5:00 PM, Monday and Tuesday 9:00 - 5:00 PM.
Free Bidder Registration, please bring a valid photo ID.

Payments: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards
* If you are tax exempt please bring a copy of your sales tax certificate

Have a question regarding this timed auction, please contact us.
Begins: 08/25/18 at 10:00 AM
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4911 S. 50th Street,Tampa, FL 33619